Making Land More Attractive with Decentralized Utilities

By October 25, 2018 No Comments

Is your planned community in a remote area? Do you need to treat wastewater in a hurry but a centralized infrastructure system doesn’t exist?


Consider Modular Decentralized Design.


Decentralized wastewater systems convey, treat and dispose or reuse wastewater from small communities, developments, buildings and dwellings in remote areas, public or private properties. (1)


The benefit:  treatment and disposal or reuse is close to the source. In other words, you have the freedom to plan new developments anywhere as you are not restricted to connect to existing utility infrastructures. This is especially important in areas where the city’s infrastructure is not available or too costly. Having a decentralized wastewater system in place not only allows your development plans to continue, but also protects public health.


Another benefit – cost savings. Connecting to an existing infrastructure can be expensive as cost per foot is assessed and varies depending on distance, ground and topographic features. Furthermore, capital recovery fees and wastewater rates are mandatory.

Other pitfalls of connecting to existing infrastructure:

  • Limited on future growth
  • Not in control
  • Moratorium on development because existing infrastructure hasn’t planned for future growth

Combine decentralized design with AUC’s package plants and you can afford to install wastewater treatment anywhere with the capability to expand as your development grows. In addition, AUC is known for rapid installation, completing your wastewater infrastructure without delay.


The image above demonstrates how a small wastewater treatment plant for a development has expanded capacity over the years.


Contact us to break ground on your project’s wastewater solution, whether that be an industrial park or economic development area, we have you covered!



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