The ability to lease water and wastewater treatment plants adds needed flexibility in a wide range of scenarios

Whether you need water or wastewater treatment, AUC Group has solutions to fit your individual situation. AUC’s Lease Plant Program is optimized for flexibility, with both financing and equipment options that provide control to clients as they face the future.

Short- and long-term options, as well as lease-to-purchase plans, are available to match project timelines. Using flexible modular plants allows projects to be scaled to match unanticipated changes in need, eliminating a source of risk.

How can lease plants help developers? In one case, a growing planned community in Harris County, Texas, was struggling with limited capital as it faced an $8 million price tag for a wastewater treatment facility, but an AUC plant lease quickly provided the treatment needed and five years of breathing room for only $2 million. Read more about this project.

Lease Everything Inside the Fence

AUC leased water treatment plants can treat water from wells, surface water bodies, brackish aquifers, or even seawater, transforming it into a safe, reliable supply of drinking water and allowing growth far from any water distribution grid.

AUC wastewater treatment plant leases bring environmental compliance to even remote areas. Treating wastewater to nonpotable reuse standards on-site opens up a world of cost efficiencies that cannot be achieved by connecting to a distant treatment plant.

AUC leases are comprehensive. Everything inside the fence can be leased, including:

  • Tanks
  • Lift stations
  • Chemical feeds for disinfection
  • Wells
  • Utilities
  • Foundations
  • Electrical
  • Access roads
  • Fencing.

While AUC modular plants are more scalable than field-erected plants, they are built to the standards of a permanent installation, so lease plant agreements can include purchase options.

Modular Wastewater Treatment Solution
Packaged Wastewater Treatment System
Rented Wastewater Treatment System

Temporary Bypass Wastewater Treatment Plants

When you have a temporary problem that doesn’t need a permanent solution, AUC maintains a fleet of modular equipment that quickly deploys to fill in for existing plants while they are down for repairs or upgrades. AUC temporary bypass plants roll in quickly and comply with permitted effluent parameters throughout flexible lease terms with no break in service. When they are no longer needed, they’re taken away, leaving more capital on the table. AUC specializes in no-nonsense, turnkey delivery of temporary bypass plants with capacities up to 1,000,000 GPD.

Benefits of a temporary bypass plant include:

  • Continuity of wastewater treatment service
  • Rapid deployment and demobilization
  • Rental fee based on project timeline
  • Meeting permitted effluent guidelines.

Project Spotlight: In Harris County, Texas, AUC installed a temporary 400,000 GPD wastewater treatment plant within 30 days to shoulder the load when an existing plant needed emergency repairs. Read more on this project.

Expand Capacity to Meet Growing Requirements

The following slider demonstrates how a small wastewater treatment plant for a young development has expanded capacity over the years to meet growing requirements.

Build-Own-Operate (BOO) Agreements

In addition to traditional leasing options, AUC Group offers Build-Own-Operate (BOO) and Build-Own-Operate-Transfer (BOOT) agreements to provide even greater flexibility for clients. These agreements allow developers to outsource the entire water or wastewater treatment process to AUC Group — including design, construction, financing, operation, and maintenance — providing a turnkey solution that minimizes upfront capital investment and operational risk for the client.

Under a BOO agreement, AUC Group builds, owns, and operates the treatment plant on behalf of the client. AUC Group assumes responsibility for all operational aspects, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations and maintaining optimal performance. Alternatively, a BOOT agreement involves AUC Group financing, designing, constructing, and operating the treatment plant for a predetermined period before transferring ownership to the client.

Rent Water and Wastewater Treatment Systems From AUC Group

AUC has developed a peerless reputation among real estate developers. Leasing plants can free up capital for you, lower costs, and buy valuable time to assess needs as development progresses. Contact AUC to discuss out flexible options.