Lease and lease-to-purchase options that grow with Houston development

Houston is poised to take Chicago’s place as America’s third largest city by 2025. It’s the county seat of Harris County, the third quickest-growing county in the nation at twice the national average. Since 1970, AUC has been growing with Houston, with 80% of the company’s completed projects in the metropolitan area. And, AUC has been developing many valued relationships along the way.

AUC specializes in strategies that optimize capital, and overcome cash-flow barriers and physical challenges. Our Lease Plant Program offers flexible leasing solutions for decentralized water and wastewater equipment, tailor-made for both short-term and long-term needs, while maintaining the flexibility to exercise a purchase option when desired. These comprehensive lease options can include everything inside the fence, and even the fence itself.

Concentric Circle Treatment Plant

Water and Wastewater Treatment Options

AUC offers drinking water treatment plants that treat well water and surface water to deliver a supply of fresh, clean water independent of city infrastructure. Traditional filtration, microfiltration, ultrafiltration, and reverse osmosis technologies are available. Plants can be purchased, or leased to optimize capital and can be bundled with wastewater treatment plants for a total water cycle solution.

Wastewater treatment systems can also be purchased or leased, with offerings that include conventional or modular activated sludge wastewater treatment plants with capacities from 100,000 GPD to 2 MGD. AUC also offers membrane bioreactor (MBR) plants, which the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TECQ) tends to approve in a quarter the time of conventional plants.

Another AUC specialty is providing bypass plants, which can be quickly installed and removed to provide temporary service during upgrades or repairs to existing plants.

Temporary Bypass Treatment Plant
Wastewater Treatment System
Wastewater Treatment Plant
Houston Area Wastewater Treatment Plant

Featured Houston Wastewater Treatment Project

Leased Wastewater Treatment Plant, Harris County, Texas

When a planned community under construction in Harris County, Texas, needed wastewater treatment, the lowest bid on a 600,000 GPD activated sludge system came in at $8 million. When the developer turned to AUC Group for a solution to free up capital, AUC’s Lease Plant Program was able to provide the required treatment capacity for only $2 million, cutting the total cost by 75%. Read more about this project.

Flexible Water Management Solutions for the Greater Houston Area

Houston-area builders can rely on AUC for help in overcoming cash-flow issues with flexible and creative solutions. With AUC, developers can build communities in stages, adding modular treatment capacity as each phase goes on the market, freeing up capital and creating breathing room.

In a dynamic growth environment like Houston’s, AUC understands there’s no place for conventional thinking and cumbersome infrastructure delivery modes from the last century. And our relationship with Seven Seas Water Group vastly expands our supplier network for the most durable builds in the business.

Contact AUC to discuss your needs. We can customize our service offerings to meet you right where you are, inside or outside the loop.