Customer: A master-planned community in Fort Bend, Texas.

Challenge: The client needed a wastewater treatment plant designed to expand in steps with the community rather than a large-capacity plant at the outset of the project.

Solution: AUC provided a three-phase solution that reduced necessary upfront capital, with each phase including installation of a 200,000 GPD leased wastewater treatment plant for a total capacity of 600,000 GPD.

Wastewater treatment project in Fort Bend County, Texas, was planned to grow with the phased construction of a residential community

The ability to gradually add capacity to plants over time is one of the key options that makes AUC the go-to for developers in Texas and beyond.

When different sections of a development go on the market at different times, it makes sense to retain control of the capital earmarked for wastewater treatment until the additional treatment capacity is needed.

Phased installation allows customers to spread out their capital outlay to match the growth of their developments in real time, dramatically lowering initial cost and optimizing capital.

Packaged wastewater treatment plants available through AUC can help with phased installations. In the past, it may have been necessary to commit to plant designs that would meet the total need envisioned for the future. Once the concrete set, traditional plants were difficult to scale up or down if projections were not as accurate as hoped. With modular equipment, however, wastewater treatment capacity can be efficiently scaled to match growth accurately for real estate developments or any dynamic entity.

A planned community in Fort Bend County, Texas, illustrates how phased installation can give AUC clients some much-needed breathing room. Treatment capacity for the community was planned to grow in three steps to 600,000 GPD at completion.

The developer reached out to AUC Group for a way to lower initial cost and allow treatment capacity to grow with the community. AUC’s phased design and Lease Plant Program was a good fit, and capacity was commissioned in 200,000 GPD phases to service each 800-home section of the development as they came online. The facility grew in phases seamlessly to serve the total 2,400 homes with a 600,000 GPD dual-clarifier design on a small 112×117-foot footprint.

The manager of the planned community project explained:

“We were able to save our investment dollars and reduce upfront capital outlay. It was the perfect solution to redirect funds toward other projects in the master-planned community.”

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Wastewater Treatment Plant in Fort Bend
Maps Show Phased Construction of Residential Project
Modular Wastewater Treatment Plant