AUC team offers expertise and infrastructure without the worry

Every community must safely manage the wastewater generated by the people who live and work there. But establishing, operating, and maintaining a municipal wastewater treatment system can be challenging. Municipalities may lack technical expertise or have budget constraints that preclude adequate wastewater treatment services. AUC Group offers technical expertise and flexible financing that address these challenges.

Lease a Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant

One of the most common stumbling blocks to establishing a municipal wastewater treatment plant, or upgrading an existing plant, is lack of funding. AUC understands these limitations and offers clients flexible financing to help them get the infrastructure they need with minimal capital outlay.

Our Lease Plant Program allows municipalities to finance a wastewater treatment plant, with a short-term or long-term lease agreement, with the option to purchase the plant later. Leasing alleviates the need for a large upfront payment and can give growing municipalities the wastewater treatment infrastructure they need with five or ten years of breathing room.

AUC offers a full suite of services, including the design, manufacture, and installation of high-quality municipal wastewater treatment plants. We offer both package plants and concentric circle treatment systems.

Packaged Wastewater Treatment System
Wastewater Treatment Plant

Packaged Municipal Wastewater Treatment

Our modular packaged systems have capacities of 10,000 to 1,000,000 gallons per day, while our concentric circle systems have capacities of 100,000 to 2,000,000 gallons per day.

AUC’s packaged wastewater treatment plants provide a cost-effective solution for treating wastewater in remote locations. They are modular and can easily be scaled up or down according to future needs. This allows a municipality to start small yet have the flexibility to increase capacity to meet the needs of a growing community.

While our packaged systems are designed to be permanent, they can be disassembled and removed or relocated. This flexibility makes them the perfect solution when temporary wastewater treatment is needed; for example, when an existing plant is undergoing repairs.

Our high-quality packaged wastewater treatment systems are fitted with hot dipped galvanized handrails, walkways, air headers, and drop pipes that have a lifespan of at least 20 years, and are treated with a high-build epoxy coating that will protect against corrosion for 12 to 15 years.

AUC’s concentric circle systems consist of a central clarifier surrounded by a ring of sludge bed chambers. This space-saving design offers a cost-effective treatment solution with a significantly smaller footprint and higher flow rates. Our concentric circle plants are designed to be permanent.

Managing Municipal Wastewater Treatment Projects of Any Size

AUC’s wastewater treatment plants are well-suited for:

  • Small communities
  • New developments
  • Holiday resorts
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Industrial work sites

AUC Group is equipped to manage projects of any size, location, or effluent requirements. Our team of wastewater experts can design a cost-effective and reliable municipal wastewater treatment solution that meets your current and future capacity needs. Contact AUC to find out more about our treatment solutions and the technologies and add-ons we offer.