Package Plants: A Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Solution

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Suburban Housing Subdivision Under Construction
When a housing subdivision is being built in phases, package plants can provide the necessary flexibility in wastewater treatment.

Flexibility from the planning stage onward brings multiple advantages

When it comes to wastewater treatment, AUC’s package plants offer the flexibility and cost-efficiency of modular design with the effluent quality and durability of traditional field-erected plants. And, they’re easy to operate and maintain.


What Is a Package Plant?

A package plant is a compact, modular, preengineered wastewater treatment facility designed for ease of transportation, installation, and operation. Unlike traditional field-erected plants, package plants are constructed off-site with standardized components, allowing for cost-efficient assembly tailored to specific project requirements.


Decentralized package plants offer a unique blend of flexibility and durability, making them suitable for various scenarios, as well as a mobility that ensures adaptability to decentralized locations. Whether purchased as long-term solutions, leased for temporary needs, or operated under Build-Own-Operate agreements (option forthcoming), package plants provide reliable and scalable options for effective wastewater treatment.


What Are the Advantages of Package Plants?

Let’s look at some of the distinctive features of package plants that are redefining the landscape of decentralized wastewater treatment.


Preengineered for Cost-Efficiency. Rather than going back to the drawing board to design each plant to meet desired influent and effluent specifications, package plants are preengineered and efficiently assembled off-site with common components and then customized to the needs of each specific installation.


Flexibility, Mobility, and Resilience. Package plants redefine flexibility through the mobility of their components. Operating more as installations than traditional constructions, these plants can be swiftly deployed to remote areas with no existing infrastructure. They’re well suited for decentralized distributed treatment, with on-site adaptability that traditional plants may struggle to match. AUC’s package plants are designed for resilience, boasting high-build epoxy coatings for corrosion protection, hot-dipped galvanized fittings, and durable components with service lives exceeding 20 years.


The mobility of package plants translates into scalability, which means they’re ideal for addressing a range of scenarios, including:


  • Planned Community Growth: Plant capacity can be tailored to match the pace of home sales, saving upfront capital and allowing completion of construction without financial strain.
  • Occupancy Variability: AUC’s Phase 0 can address low sewage flow due to seasonal variability or low occupancy. When flow falls below a certain point, waste must be pumped and hauled away, which can be expensive. In Phase 0, valves reduce the capacity of the plant to enhance flow, minimizing pump-and-haul costs.
  • Emergency Situations: When treatment plants fail, package plants can be used to quickly respond, serving as bypass plants during repairs with no service interruptions. They’re easily removed once work is complete.
  • Unpredictable Future Needs: With package plants, overbuilding is a thing of the past. Phases can be removed to scale down capacity, providing a cost-effective solution without construction or demolition.
  • Location Challenges: Package plants can be relocated if the initial plant location becomes problematic.
  • Development Growth: If a project’s growth is underestimated, package plants allow for convenient plant expansion with the addition of new package plant phases.

Flexible Financing Available for Package Plants

The engineering of AUC modular package wastewater treatment plants makes them suitable as long-term solutions, but their mobility and cost-effectiveness have made them a go-to interim solution. Making AUC package plants even more convenient are flexible, timeline-based leases, as well as AUC’s fleet of ready-to-roll modular equipment.


Package plants are available through several acquisition options, including:


Direct Sell: Our package plants are built to last ensuring durability for many years


Lease: Clients who need temporary bypass plants during the construction or repair of a traditional plant can lease AUC modular package plants under agreements tailored to project timelines. Alternatively, everything inside the fence can be leased for a total end-to-end solution, and each lease offers a purchase option.


Build-Own-Operate (BOO): For comprehensive solutions, AUC will soon offer Build-Own-Operate agreements. AUC will own, operate, and maintain plants, ensuring efficiency and peace of mind.


Package Plants Keep Development on Track

The flexibility of AUC decentralized package plants allows decision-makers unprecedented control, from the planning stage onward. Paired with flexible lease arrangements, they provide a solution to cash flow problems that threaten the completion of projects. Contact AUC about our package plants and lease options to keep your projects on track.


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