Based in Houston, Texas, AUC Group has offered unprecedented flexibility in the solutions we provide for treating water and wastewater since 1970, leaving burdensome and slow-moving traditional delivery of infrastructure in the past. This means flexibility to match timelines, flexibility in financing, flexibility of equipment, and flexibility to build plants even where no infrastructure yet exists.

We thrive when meeting challenges: when development has been delayed due to lack of capacity, when developers plan to build on land with no infrastructure, when facilities need to be completely replaced.

Over the course of executing more than 1,500 projects, AUC has restarted stalled projects, optimized capital, and slashed the total cost borne by our clients. Customized AUC plants can be temporary, interim, or permanent, with lease plants that include an option to purchase and phased installations that scale capacity to match any growth scenario.

In large part, it’s our proven plant designs that have allowed this superior degree of control over scaling. Developers no longer need to commit to building a traditional plant that can’t be cost-effectively revised after the concrete sets.

In 2018, AUC became part of Seven Seas Water Group, the international water company that pioneered the Water-as-a-Service® approach. WaaS® delivers water services at a guaranteed price and quality through long-term agreements that keep water in the hands of professionals while leaving clients free to focus on their core missions. As a part of Seven Seas, AUC has gained access to a vast supplier network. At the same time, we have retained the company culture and values with which we built our reputation.

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A Culture of Diversity

At AUC, we believe that water and wastewater treatment is much like life. With focus, dedication, and the right circle of people, whatever challenges come down the pipe can be turned into a sustaining resource.

By welcoming the wide-ranging skills, knowledge, and spirit of a diverse international team, we consistently exceed expectations. And we’re proud of how we often retain our talent for a lifetime. We seek experience, dedication, honesty, and trustworthiness in our team members. The compassionate people who become part of our family find meaning in openly sharing knowledge with colleagues, growing together, and helping each other achieve excellence.

Together, we add up to a company that cares for, trusts, and respects each other. We celebrate our many cultures, lunch together, and even keep the competition friendly at our monthly team builders. Being so tight-knit makes AUC resilient and enables us to take on the toughest challenges. Seeing the communities we serve flourish in clean, safe, healthy environments makes it all worthwhile.

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