Lease Plant Program Offers Flexibility

Since 1970, AUC Group has provided flexible solutions for water and wastewater treatment, with more than 1,500 completed plants. AUC solutions optimize capital and keep development on track, even in challenging circumstances. The details of our lease plant agreements can be customized for the long or short term, and phased installation and decentralized strategies provide yet another level of flexibility.

If you’re not in need of a full-sized facility, or only need treatment for a limited time, you have options.

Water Treatment Plants

AUC offers water treatment plants for well water and surface water. Our plants deliver fresh, clean water, even far from municipal infrastructure. AUC water treatment plants can be leased to keep upfront capital expenditure under control and bundled with our modular, packaged wastewater treatment plants for a total water cycle solution.

Along with conventional filtration, we also offer membrane processes including:

  • Microfiltration
  • Ultrafiltration
  • Reverse Osmosis.
Water Treatment Plant
Aerial of Wastewater Treatment Solution

Wastewater Treatment Plants

AUC offers permanent and temporary bypass wastewater treatment solutions that feature a full range of processes for durability and cost-effectiveness. Since our package plants are built to the same quality specifications as permanent plants, they are just as long-lasting but with the advantage of portability.

When planning full-size, traditional wastewater treatment facilities, it can be difficult to scale them to future need. Once the concrete sets, revisions are costly. Our solutions provide clients with the agility to respond to future conditions in a cost-efficient way.

Request a Quote for Your Water Infrastructure Needs

Whether the goal is simple sewage treatment, a commercial wastewater reuse system, a temporary bypass plant, or another water treatment solution, AUC offers the same durable construction and innovative technologies that built our reputation. Contact us to find out how the advantages of AUC flexibility can work for you.

“Best Service. Best Equipment. Best Price. Best People. Say no more!”

Senior Project ManagerEngineering Firm

"The parent holding company was able to direct savings from their project to other capital projects to continue to maintain overall development in the initial growth phases of the community."

Project/Construction Engineer, Christopher Gilbert, PE

“Without AUC’s Lease Plant program, I would have never been able to move forward with my development.”

From a Houston Texas Developer

"The finished job looks good and we look forward to many years before we have any maintenance to do. Thanks for standing behind your work, this says a lot about your companies."

Board Member of PUDBandera County, TX

"Your crew is doing a great job with the new plant. It looks good."

City of Austin Engineer

"With AUC's phased design and lease plant program we were able to save our investment dollars and reduce upfront capital outlay. It was the perfect solution to redirect funds toward other projects in the Master Planned Community."

Fort Bend County Project Manager

"Everything went great and the plant is back in operation. Thank you to all involved."

Sr. Facilities EngineerIndustrial Plant

“Our customer needed to be confident they could maintain
capacity demands while a permanent plant was installed.
AUC saved the day with its temporary bypass plant

Eric FieldsOwner/VP of Environmental Improvements, Inc.