AUC has a better way to provide water and wastewater infrastructure to developers of master-planned communities


AUC Group has developed a more streamlined and affordable way for master-planned communities (MPCs) to acquire the water and wastewater treatment they need. It has already saved developers millions in upfront capital, shrunk total project costs, and saved many a project from once-intractable financial bottlenecks. With a combination of AUC’s flexible financing and treatment options, developers can now respond to the dynamic housing market with new agility. MPC homeowner’s associations can likewise scale up, upgrade, overhaul, or replace their existing systems with unprecedented ease and no break in service.

Flexible Financing

AUC has streamlined the water and wastewater asset delivery process with flexible leases tailored to project timelines. Our Lease Plant Program eliminates CAPEX, may lower total cost, and spreads out capital outlay throughout the timeline, giving developers breathing room to complete projects. All leases include an option to buy, and everything inside the fence can be leased. We also offer direct-sell options.

Flexible Plants

AUC modular equipment can provide master-planned communities with another layer of flexibility. Phased installation (incrementally adding more treatment capacity) allows builders to start plants small and scale them to meet demand as more housing units go on the market, deferring costs until sales ramp up. Developers are no longer forced to build a plant that can handle the entire projected capacity before the first units go on the market. Instead, they can start small and seamlessly scale up as needed.
AUC’s fleet of modular units is also ready to roll quickly to provide temporary bypass plants for master-planned community homeowner’s associations when their existing wastewater infrastructure must be taken offline for repair, overhaul, or replacement.

Comprehensive Services for Master-Planned Communities

At AUC, we’re ready to provide comprehensive solutions for master-planned communities, from water and wastewater treatment infrastructure to financing:

  • Water Treatment Solutions: From well water to surface water, AUC provides decentralized water treatment solutions that ensure a reliable supply of high-quality drinking water for your residents.
  • Wastewater Treatment Solutions: Effectively manage wastewater with AUC’s decentralized wastewater treatment plants. Our solutions promote environmental responsibility and comply with regulatory standards.
  • Regulatory Compliance Assistance: Navigating regulatory requirements is simplified with AUC. Our experience working with regulatory bodies, including the TCEQ, ensures your community remains compliant.
  • Financing: AUC’s flexible Lease Plant Program allows communities to access essential water infrastructure without the burden of significant upfront costs. Choose from a range of leasing options tailored to your project timeline. Where access to capital and long-term organizational resources is strong, direct sale is also available.

Master-Planned Community Water Infrastructure Projects

What does the AUC strategy look like on the ground?

Four Stages of Residential Development

Leased Wastewater Treatment Plant, Harris County, Texas

The developer of a new Harris County, Texas, residential project needed a 600,000 GPD conventional wastewater treatment plant, but the lowest bid came in at $8 million. AUC offered a five-year lease to install a plant in four phases. Capacity would grow with development until it reached the full 600,000 GPD capacity. Total cost came in at less than $2 million spread out over the entire project timeline. Savings: $6 million.

Temporary Wastewater Treatment

D.R. Horton homebuilders needed a plant to fill in during enlargement of its existing facility, which could no longer offer the capacity needed by the master-planned community it served. Under a short-term lease, AUC delivered the plant in three months with units from its standing fleet of modular tanks. It served for a year and was removed when the expansion was complete. The contractor explained, “Our customer needed to be confident they could maintain capacity demands while a permanent plant was installed. AUC saved the day with its temporary bypass plant solution!”

Temporary Bypass Wastewater Treatment Plant
Residential Area in Colorado

Water Reuse for Master-Planned Communities

Wastewater reuse is one of the most compelling sustainability measures available to developers. Water reuse metrics demonstrate a commitment to sustainability to the larger community, governmental agencies, and ESG investors.

AUC’s technologies produce an effluent suitable for nonpotable reuse in master-planned communities for landscape irrigation, topping up water features, and a host of applications that reduce the need for consumption from natural water resources. For developers who care to make the added investment in purple pipe systems, we use technologies that produce a compatible effluent that meets all regulatory requirements. Whether a master-planned community wishes to ramp up sustainability with a purple pipe water system, reuse water for irrigation, or simply release clean water into the surrounding ecosystem, AUC can purify the water and help secure all local reuse incentives.

New and Time-Honored Water and Wastewater Treatment Technologies

While AUC conventional activated sludge plants still provide a great balance of cost and performance, we have also had great success with cutting-edge technologies.

Membrane bioreactors (MBRs) in particular have been making waves in the water sector. The MBR combines both biological treatment and advanced membrane processes within a single unit, eliminating bulky external clarifiers. While costs may be higher, their superior effluent quality and compact footprint have rapidly pushed them to the forefront as tightening regulation has made compliance more challenging.

AUC provides the MBR projects that the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) trusts and greenlights quickly. MBR permitting in Texas takes an average of 5 months in comparison to conventional projects that tend to take 12 to 18.

Multimedia filtration, ultrafiltration, and reverse osmosis are also available to purify drinking water from surface or groundwater sources. Deciding on the appropriate technologies for the job requires expert consideration of numerous factors such as influent parameters, target quality, and cost. We are here to guarantee safe, clean water and low bills that keep residents happy and healthy.

FAQ About Water and Wastewater Treatment for MPCs

What is the anticipated timeline for implementing water and wastewater solutions in our development?

At AUC Group, we provide estimates tailored to your unique requirements, ensuring accurate cost projections and lead times. Contact us to discuss your development, and our team will guide you through the timeline considerations based on your specific project needs.

Can AUC assist with obtaining necessary permits and approvals from local authorities?

Before MPC developers break ground, AUC is already there with decades of trusted experience. We provide engineers with initial layouts, reliable lead times, and budgets based on actual costs – information they need as they lay out lots, roads, and utilities. Developers benefit from AUC’s extensive knowledge in predicting permit requirements, discharge limits, and permitting process timelines. We assist developers in navigating the intricate and often lengthy permitting process, helping them avoid costly obstacles. Our role extends to guiding projects and advising engineers during the permit application submissions.

What is the scalability of AUC's solutions as the community grows over time?

AUC’s modular packaged plants start at Phase 0, an option that saves on sludge hauling costs before enough residents have moved into MPCs. Additional modular capacity can be added as needed to scale up from 50,000 to 1,500,000 GPD to serve communities of 300 to 5,000 homes. Our concentric circle plants can treat 100,000 to 2,000,000 GPD.

Can AUC provide references or case studies of similar projects you've completed in the past?

There are too many success stories to count, but please explore some of our Projects to see our work in action.

Partner With AUC for a Sustainable Water Future

At AUC Group, we go beyond providing water and wastewater treatment solutions; we empower master-planned communities to thrive. Join hands with us to create a resilient water management infrastructure that fosters growth, sustainability, and a high quality of life for your residents. Contact AUC to discuss your community’s unique water challenges and explore tailored solutions crafted by industry leaders.

Harris County Water Treatment for MPC