Customer: D.R. Horton

Challenge: To quickly ensure wastewater treatment capacity needs are met while a larger plant was under construction

Solution: Short-term lease, modular wastewater treatment plant

When a development needed bypass treatment during construction of a new wastewater treatment plant, a short-term lease and modular equipment came to the rescue

The D.R. Horton home building company needs little introduction as the largest homebuilding company in the nation. When one of its successful developments in Hunt County, Texas, grew too large for its wastewater treatment plant, a new, larger facility was needed. Construction would take a year, but more wastewater treatment capacity was needed right away.

AUC has a regional reputation for high quality, customer satisfaction, and environmental friendliness, but for D.R. Horton, AUC stood out particularly because of its fleet of modular equipment and its timeline-based leases. Modular units speed up temporary plant deployment and AUC’s Lease Plant Program gives customers the flexibility they need to face the unexpected.

Eric Fields, owner and vice president of Environmental Improvements, explained:

“Our customer needed to be confident they could maintain capacity demands while a permanent plant was installed. AUC saved the day with its temporary bypass plant solution!”

First, AUC assessed the capacity, location, permit regulations, influent characteristics, and Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) effluent requirements. The most cost-effective solution was determined and the appropriate modular treatment units from AUC’s standing fleet were rapidly deployed.

The temporary 155,000 GPD plant — which included aeration basins, a digester basin, a clarifier, a chlorine contact basin, positive displacement blowers, bleach components, and flow monitoring equipment — was commissioned in just three months without residents ever experiencing a break in service. After the 12-month lease was up and the permanent plant was completed, AUC quickly demobilized the plant.

Temporary Bypass Plants Are a Powerful Option

Short-term leases and modular bypass plants are a powerful combination to add capacity quickly during the construction start-up of plants. Leased bypass plants are also routinely deployed to take over treatment altogether when an existing plant has to be taken offline for major repairs. Modular, package plants that augment capacity, like the one in Hunt County, can also be permanent solutions, so all AUC leases include the option to purchase.

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