Customer: Developer, Harris County, Texas

Challenge: A community under construction had to overcome financial barriers to obtain a full-water-cycle solution for drinking water and wastewater treatment.

Solution: A leased groundwater supply facility and wastewater treatment plant.

Leased groundwater supply and wastewater treatment plants allow community development project to move forward despite challenges

When a residential community is under construction, it can be vulnerable to many problems. Construction may have to be abandoned if unforeseen costs arise or regulations become tighter. Any number of unknowns can disrupt even the best-laid plans.

A developer in the Lago Bello Municipal District No. 1A in Harris County, Texas, was facing just such a prospect. Unless financing could be found for critical water assets, the developer would have had to walk away from a project, leaving behind all of the time, money, and hard work that had gone into it.

Other regional water companies were able to offer the capacity, but their financing options were limited. When the builder reached out to AUC Group, however, a turnkey lease-plant agreement was executed to spread out capital outlay, putting construction quickly back on track.

AUC delivered a full-water-cycle solution to handle the community’s drinking water and wastewater treatment needs. It features a TCEQ-compliant, 1,000 GPM groundwater supply facility to fill demand for drinking water. A modular 150,000 GPD activated-sludge wastewater treatment plant was also delivered to treat domestic wastewater from the homes.

AUC has widened its service offerings with leases that can include everything inside the fence — including even the fencing. And while modular plants may be more mobile than field-erected plants, they also can serve as permanent solutions. Because customers frequently see no reason to make a change when a solution is serving a community well, AUC leases all include a purchase option.

Never walk away from a project that hits a financial brick wall before talking to AUC about the flexible leases, phased installations, and other creative options that have built our reputation as a problem-solver in Texas and beyond.

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Lago Bello Wastewater Treatment Plant
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