Seven Seas Water Group Announces New Brand Identity

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(Tampa, Fla.) – Seven Seas Water Group, a multi-national provider of the original Water-as-a-Service® (“WaaS”) solutions, today announced the launch of a new brand identity, logo, and website as part of an initiative to reintroduce the company’s solutions under the name “Seven Seas Water Group”. The Group encompasses solutions from all acquired businesses, presenting its decentralized water and wastewater treatment services under one brand.




“The new identity reflects our continued expansions, both geographically and into new customer segments, linking our company heritage with future growth,” said Henry J. Charrabé, Chief Executive Officer of Seven Seas Water Group. “Our brand reflects our mission of providing resilient, safe, and cost-effective water and wastewater treatment solutions to our customers through our Water-as-a-Service® approach. The three lines in our new logo represent the different forms of water – drinking water, wastewater, and water reuse, which together form a complete water cycle for a more sustainable world. We invite you to visit our new website and learn more about our rapidly growing company and opportunities to become part of our journey to provide unique Water-as-a-Service® solutions to industrial, municipal, and commercial customers.”


With an outstanding reputation for decentralized water and wastewater treatment solutions, the Seven Seas Water Group “Water-as-a-Service®” approach helps solve water and wastewater infrastructure challenges globally.



About Seven Seas Water Group

Seven Seas Water Group (www.sevenseaswater.com) offers Water-as-a-Service®solutions by providing outsourced water treatment, wastewater treatment and reuse solutions for governmental, municipal, industrial, property developer and hospitality customers. Our water treatment solutions utilize seawater reverse osmosis and other purification technologies to produce potable and high purity industrial process water in high volumes for customers operating in regions with limited access to potable water. Our wastewater treatment and reuse solutions include scalable modular treatment plants, field-erected treatment plants and temporary bypass plants that are used by our customers to treat and convert wastewater into effluent or reclaimed water prior to being released back into the environment.


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