Seven Seas Water Group Announces Appointment of Henry J. Charrabé as New Chief Executive Officer

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(Tampa, Fla.) – Seven Seas Water Group, a multi-national provider of water and wastewater solutions, today announced that they have appointed Henry J. Charrabé as new Chief Executive Officer, effective September 20, 2021.


Mr. Charrabé brings two decades of experience in the water and wastewater industry on a global scale. Most recently, he served as the Managing Director and CEO of the international water and wastewater treatment firm Fluence Corporation (ASX: FLC), and prior to that, President and CEO of RWL Water.  Prior to RWL Water, Mr. Charrabé was a senior executive at RSL Investments Corp. and supported its investments including serving as Chief Operating Officer of W2W, an electrocoagulation wastewater technology company.


“Seven Seas Water Group has established the outstanding Water-as-a-Service® (“WaaS”) brand internationally, and a stellar reputation in the United States for decentralized water and wastewater treatment solutions.  With its leading position, it has created the perfect platform to grow both organically as well as through acquisitions,” said Henry Charrabé, new CEO of Seven Seas Water Group. “I am very honored to lead the Seven Seas Water Group and am excited by its partnership with and commitment from Morgan Stanley Infrastructure Partners to advance into a new chapter of growth.  Together with my colleagues operating under both the Seven Seas Water and AUC brands, I look forward to leading the team, further growing the company, and expanding our footprint as the leading provider of WaaS® in the Americas and beyond.”


“Henry is a dynamic, pragmatic and accomplished leader with a track record of delivering strong growth for the Seven Seas Water Group platform on a global scale”, said Brian Park, Executive Director at Morgan Stanley Infrastructure Partners (“MSIP”).  “MSIP has been fully committed with considerable amount of capital to help promote the growth and expansion of the company’s desalination and wastewater treatment platform.  We are thrilled to have Henry as CEO, and we believe his leadership will best position Seven Seas Water Group to realize its fullest potential.”



About Seven Seas Water Group

Seven Seas Water Group (www.sevenseaswater.com) is a portfolio company owned by investment funds managed by Morgan Stanley Infrastructure Partners (“MSIP”). Seven Seas Water Group offers Water-as-a-Service® (WaaS®) solutions by providing outsourced water treatment, wastewater treatment and reuse solutions for governmental, municipal, industrial, property developer and hospitality customers. Many of the wastewater and reuse solutions are provided by AUC Group (www.aucgroup.net), a Houston based subsidiary, which owns over 140 decentralized wastewater systems in Texas. The company’s water treatment solutions utilize seawater reverse osmosis and other purification technologies to produce potable and high purity industrial process water in high volumes for customers operating in regions with limited access to potable water. The wastewater treatment and reuse solutions include scalable modular treatment plants, field-erected treatment plants and temporary bypass plants that are used by customers to treat and convert wastewater into effluent or reclaimed water prior to being released back into the environment.


About Morgan Stanley Infrastructure Partners

Morgan Stanley Infrastructure Partners (“MSIP”) is a leading global private infrastructure investment platform. Founded in 2006, MSIP has made over 30 investments across its three flagship, closed-ended funds. Since inception, MSIP has had more than $13 billion in capital commitments. For further information about Morgan Stanley Infrastructure Partners, please visit www.morganstanley.com/im/infrastructurepartners.