Raising the Grade of Wastewater Treatment

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According to the 2021 Infrastructure Report Card, our nation’s infrastructure GPA has reached a C-, out of the D range for the first time in 20 years. While this indicates progress, many categories remain in the D category, including wastewater. Factors affecting the grade include:


  • Capacity – On average, WWTPs are operating at 81% of their design capacity and 15% of WWTPs have exceeded its threshold.
  • Condition of aging plants – As collection systems age, groundwater and stormwater enter the networks through cracks and when collection systems become overtaxed, sanitary sewer overflows can occur.
  • Operations & maintenance – If left unaddressed, systems may fail costing homeowners more money.
  • Funding – According to the Congressional Research Service, the federal government’s share of capital investment has fallen from 63% in 1977 to 9% in 2017.
  • Future need – The gap of total capital spending on water infrastructure vs investment needs continues to increase and may reach more than $434 billion by 2029.
  • Public safety – Overflows and treatment of disposed byproducts containing contaminants must be addressed.

How can we raise the grade?


By offering our low-cost funding mechanism: lease options, owners can lease a wastewater treatment plant suitable for their project needs at the present time. Add capacity as the community grows. Retain capital for other projects and keep our communities healthy with an efficiently operated facility.


Read the full wastewater report and see how other infrastructures rated here.


Reference: ASCE 2021 Infrastructure Report Card (https://infrastructurereportcard.org/)