Earth Day 2022 – Invest in Our Planet

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April 22 is reserved for Earth Day and this year’s theme is to Invest in Our Planet.


Together we must preserve and protect our health, families, and livelihood.


At Seven Seas Water Group, investing in our planet is part of our mission. Our priority is to provide safe, reliable, and cost-effective water and wastewater treatment solutions for a sustainable future. Collectively, we understand the impact we make on the world by transforming earth’s most precious resource into valuable and reusable water.


Our Water and Wastewater Solutions Make a Positive Environmental Impact


  • 7,000 Metric Tons: of plastic water bottles removed from circulation
  • 250,000 Barrels: of reduced oil demand
  • 60,000 Metric Tons: of reduced carbon footprint
  • 140,000 Tons: of reduced carbon dioxide equivalent pollution because our plants lessen the need for tanker trucks

We must all do are part in protecting the planet. Even the smallest efforts can have a huge impact if it’s practiced by the masses.

Here are 52 ways you can make a difference.

Act now!