2022 Water Trends

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We are looking forward to a wonderful year ahead filled with abundant opportunities to improve water quality all over the world. Our focus in 2022, as always, is to deliver reliable, cost-effective solutions to solve water and wastewater challenges, but what’s new in 2022?

We’ve surveyed the web and two trends that are consistently mentioned include sustainability and digitization.


Water sustainability is achieved when safe, reliable, and easily accessible water and dependable sanitation is available and protected from weather or other events that may threaten its existence. This is accomplished through planning, resilience, and efficiency. Desalination and water reuse are a significant part of the reliability factor as water shortages are addressed and the life cycle of water is extended.


Improving accuracy and providing real-time reports through the automation of water operations is another growing trend. This ancient industry deserves an upgrade when it comes to sensor/monitoring systems as well as operational functions.


To learn more about these growing trends and other exciting improvements for the water/wastewater industry, check out the following links:


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