Customer: Montgomery County Municipal Utility District No. 180, Texas

Challenge: Preparing the site and installing infrastructure assets, ensuring the well meets projected long-term water demand, and streamlining project management and construction.

Solution: Leased groundwater supply facility and wastewater treatment plant.

Leasing equipment brings groundwater supply and wastewater treatment projects under one roof

Real estate development is booming in the counties of Greater Houston. When The Signorelli Company, Texas’s leading real estate developers, planned a project in Montgomery County, they naturally turned to AUC for a comprehensive water-cycle solution, building on our history of successful collaboration.

Signorelli needed a wastewater treatment plant for the development’s domestic wastewater, along with a water treatment system for the well water supply. The company also needed extensive site work, including ground preparation, power infrastructure, drainage, landscaping, and fencing.

The company chose our Lease Plant Program, which included numerous components within the development’s utility area. The arrangement streamlined the construction and delivery of a complex project with AUC’s local resources and experience to quickly get the job done right.

During construction, Signorelli upgraded the project to include a deeper well to deliver sustainable flow rates of water to meet projected increases in demand.

Bringing the project under one roof, instead of entrusting it to a crowd of independent subcontractors, let Signorelli concentrate its attention on other pressing matters. The lease arrangement accelerated the completion of the job and ensured cohesion and efficiency throughout the project’s service life. When the went on the market, its water infrastructure was ready to serve in any scenario the future might hold.

Flexibility Matters in Funding Water and Wastewater Treatment

AUC leases optimize capital, overcome cash-flow barriers, simplify complex projects, and overcome physical and regulatory challenges that could otherwise stall projects. The flexibility of our leasing solutions is matched by the flexibility of our ready-to-roll fleet that brings decentralized water and wastewater treatment even to sites with no existing infrastructure. Our plants are ready to serve on a temporary or permanent basis, and all leases include an option to purchase.

Now developers can break ground where and when they choose in Texas and beyond. Contact AUC Group to put the power of our Lease Plant Program to work in your project.