Streamlining the Community Development Process

By July 23, 2019 No Comments

Developing a new community involves meticulous attention to neighborhood planning, economic development, housing, the environment, public safety & health; among many other things. As you can imagine, this takes an extreme amount of preparation to coordinate all efforts in providing the best quality of life for future residents.


When it comes to wastewater treatment for your upcoming development, AUC has engineered a series of offerings to help streamline the process:


  1. Modular/Phased design allows developers the chance to build a wastewater treatment plant that matches the community’s development progress. Add capacity when the neighborhood grows. It’s that simple.
  2. Decentralizing your utilities allows developers to build outside the traditional municipal boundary, without limiting yourself to the municipal sewer system radius.
  3. Lease your project. Pay lower monthly installments to cover the cost of your wastewater treatment plant and use capital for other more pressing endeavors. In the event you want to own your own plant, we offer a purchase option in your lease.

Let us help simplify the process. Contact AUC for more information and a free consultation on your next project.



Photo by:  Sergey Zolkin