Financial Aid During Times of Uncertainty

By April 28, 2020 No Comments

With the diminished municipal bond markets and the unexpected sudden downturn of our economy, 2020 has become one for the history books. No one could have predicted what was to come with the coronavirus pandemic and unfortunately, many have felt the effects, but the ability to move forward on a new wastewater treatment plant project should not be of concern.


There is a unique alternative to proceed with your wastewater treatment project, the AUC Group Lease Plant Program. AUC’s alternative financial and delivery solutions are crucial during times of uncertainty. We can all agree that we want to continue to grow our communities and reinforce existing infrastructures. Regardless of your wastewater treatment plant requirements, rest assured that AUC can aide financially by implementing a lease term that works best for you: short-term, long-term, or lease with purchase option. Eliminating the burden of upfront capital costs can help get your project underway on time and allow you to utilize available capital for other needs.


Please contact us to discuss your future project requirements and to determine which lease program would best suit your needs. We are here to help!


I also invite you to read a case study on how our lease program saved a developer in Texas over $6,000,000.