Who Needs Wastewater Treatment?

By December 5, 2017 No Comments

Wastewater treatment facilities are widely used all around us, every day. Dating back to centuries ago, wastewater treatment has transformed from pit privies to buried sewers to the biological treatment processes that are used today. It was originally introduced to prevent disease as populations expanded. In today’s growing world, demand continues to increase for new facilities and the pressing need to update aging infrastructures.


But aside from residential use who needs wastewater treatment?


The need to treat wastewater is not only for use in neighborhoods via municipalities, private utilities and land developers. In fact, wastewater treatment plants are installed across the U.S. in capacities that range from small to large for military posts, resorts, schools, rest stops and businesses. Treated wastewater can then be reused for many other purposes like irrigation of golf courses, parks, etc.


Even industrial waste as a byproduct of manufacturing needs to be treated. Some industries include; mining, pharmaceuticals, refining, food & beverage, pulp & paper, unconventional gas, semiconductor, oil sands extraction, salt water disposal and many more.


The wastewater treatment industry expands farther than you may realize in our society and you probably have not even noticed the facilities that surround you.


Pictured above is an AUC plant serving a technology giant and boutique hotel in Austin, Texas.  Below are a few other examples where an AUC plant is used in different capacities for customers of all types. Contact us today to learn how we may solve your wastewater treatment dilemmas.

AUC Group plant serving a major HVAC manufacturer in Houston, Texas.

AUC Group plant serving a multinational courier delivery services company in Houston, Texas.