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Join the Cause: World Water Day 2019

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World Water Day is reserved for March 22nd every year as a dedication to the world’s most precious resource and to raise awareness on global water concerns. The 2019 theme focuses on “Leaving No One Behind”, following the promise of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development:  as sustainable development progresses, everyone must benefit.


Specifically known as Sustainable Development Goal 6 (SDG 6), the promise is to eliminate marginalized groups who are denied ‘safe water’ for various reasons, such as environmental degradation, climate change, population growth, conflict, forced displacement and migration flows (1).


Globally, around 159 million people collect their drinking water from surface water, such as ponds and streams(2). In developed countries, water is fed into these ponds and streams via treated wastewater. According to the United Nations Sustainable Development committee, more than 80 percent of wastewater resulting from human activities is discharged into rivers or seas without any treatment, compromising public health and devastating sustainable development in our thriving world.


What can we do to help?

Donate. Any amount helps. See links below to get involved and learn how your dollar helps.

Generate Awareness. Spread the word via social media to help raise awareness and end this water crisis. It is a human right to have access to safe water.

Hold governments accountable. Work with civil organizations to increase investment on freshwater ecosystem and sanitation facilities in developing countries.


AUC Group is committed to working with civil groups and governments to promote public health via the installment of wastewater treatment plants. AUC’s mission is to provide the most affordable wastewater treatment plant options, which includes a lease plant program, significantly reducing the need for upfront capital when customer’s do not have access to such funds. In addition, AUC’s fleet of bypass tanks can be rapidly deployed for emergency situations.


Let’s work together to reach the 2030 Sustainable Development Goal 6. The truth is we can’t afford not to.


Join the Movement:

World Water Day – March 22, 2019

Earth Day – April 22, 2019

World Water Week – August 25-30, 2019

World Toilet Day – November 19, 2019



(1) (2) “World Water Day 22 March 2019”, United Nations, http://www.un.org/en/events/waterday/