Cold Weather Preparedness

By November 12, 2019 No Comments

Tis the season for cold weather and snow, which means it’s time to take action in keeping your home and loved ones protected when frigid temperatures hit. Always remember the 5 P’s of cold weather preparedness:


Protect People, Pets, Plants, Exposed Pipes and Practice Fire Safety.


Dress warmly and stay indoors when possible. Keep pets inside. Cover plants with bed sheets or blankets to retain heat. Make sure to never leave a fireplace unattended or use flammable liquids. Also check that all smoke detectors are working properly.


Cities and communities must also prepare roads and utility operations for freezing temperatures. For those of us in the south, wastewater treatment has little affect when cold weather hits because of the heat generated by constant flow and the rare occurrence of below freezing temperatures. However, in northern states, pipe heaters can be used to keep facilities operational during the winter months. Some have even built facilities underground or housed in buildings as an alternative. No matter the circumstance, AUC Group is well equipped to handle your wastewater treatment plant needs. To learn more about wastewater treatment operations in cold weather climates, contact us and remember to stay warm!